8 free tools for tracking your competitors!

PIN 8 free tools for tracking your competitors rafael ferraz

Take a look at your competitors can be effective for you to have insights about your own business. Many companies do this.

What may surprise us is how easy we can automate the gathering of information to find out how our service, product or website is in comparison with the competitors, for decision-making. The best about it: it’s for free! See the list below:

1. Google Alerts:

Although it’s a service which has been active for years, it’s easy to use and works very well! Configure alerts related to keywords on a product, service or competitor and that’s it: You will receive alerts when new content that match your query is published on the Internet.

2. Google Trends

This is a tool that can be useful if you need to measure the interest of a subject in a specific location. It has also been active for years, but it’s still very important.

3. Topsy:

This social media monitoring tool can find out who is more influential for a particular keyword. Imagine that you want to launch a new product, or that you’re looking for someone to create content on a particular subject. This tool can help you.

4. Spy on Web

Just enter the URL on Google AdSense or Google Analytics ID and you will find out all your competitors’ websites.

5. Spyfu

This one is fantastic and also very well known. Do you want to know which keywords your competitors are using? How much are they spending on Adwords? Which words are generating more traffic? Then visit this service.

6. Majestic SEO:

Use it for checking how many backlinks your competitors’ websites have, their origins, how they were accumulated and which anchor text refers to the website.

7. Fanpage Karma

Do you want to compare Facebook data pages such as fans, growth, involvement and interaction? This is a good tool.

8. SharedCount

With this service you can check the statistics about a website, service or product and its relevance in social media networks very quickly.


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