Product Management

3 Habits of Likable Product Managers

PIN Habits of Likable leaders - rafael ferraz - product management-@rzarref
Being likable, winning supporters, and building better products is an ability that you can learn. Product management is one of the most contradicting of all professions. Product Managers need to be product experts and an important thing: every day, we need to be aware that we know nothing and learning everything again. We must be[…]

Leading remote teams

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Remote leading is not entirely different from leading on-site. I worked with remote teams for some years in several contexts, but for now, working remotely is the current reality for many of us. I’m still learning and trying different approaches, and of course, I’m making some mistakes along the way. However, I would like to[…]

3 Keys To A Data-Driven Product Strategy

PIN data driven product strategy rafael ferraz
I believe that product management is a combination of intuition and science. Product decisions must balance inputs from feedback and information provided by customers, data, and insights from product and engineering teams. The product teams need focusing on adjusting their development priorities to enhance the customer experience, improve customer satisfaction, increase analytics adoption rates, and[…]

The roadmapping in product management strategy

PIN The roadmapping product management strategy @rzarref Rafael Ferraz
First of all it’s important to explain two distinct concepts: roadmapping and strategic planning. Strategic planning is a business process that combines market analysis and specific needed skills to meet a requirement. It is the implementation of the planning that generate results. Roadmapping is an approach to identify, map and define strategies, objectives and actions[…]