How IoT can leverage small and midsize business

PIN IoT small and small business @rzarref Rafael Ferraz

An article published recently in the IoT News highlighted the main advantages for small and medium businesses with the use of connected devices, and they are not few. For example, the massification of smartphones and smartwatches. These devices generate and store data from multiple specialties and can influence even business operations.

The cloud-based software solutions can be an excellent fit for small business owners, such as cut infrastructure costs significantly, improve workflow and provide a more secure method for managing data on through mobile devices. Another suggestion is not afraid to use automation and artificial intelligence, a tool that can save valuable time before utilized on small tasks. The customer service, for example, is an area that can be highly improved, using chatbots. In this scenario, the customer can be answered more quickly, and the conversation logs remain and can be used as a reference for the business in the future.

However, it’s crucial that the IoT solution works integrated with the technologies already used in your daily. An integrated software gives small and medium-sized business owners a much more comprehensive and intelligent view of the business, also improving communication with employees, customers, and suppliers.

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