How omnichannel can help small businesses

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Increasingly we are connected to our smartphones, tablets and laptops without being limited to any type of cable or physical space. According to the survey released by Deloitte for the NRF in 2015, 40% of consumers now use their smartphones to research products in the physical store.

Although the largest investments in omnichannel are being made by large companies, small businesses can also take advantage of it. Even companies that do not have physical stores or points of sale and the business is 100% online can also use the same principles. This way you can increase the visibility of your business, generate more conversions and turn visitors into regular customers.

Some tips:

Open other channels safely: It would be great to be everywhere at the same time and this is what consumers want, right? But, more than this, we want a good experience. This requires focus on building a qualified presence on the chosen channel. For your company to open other channels, it has to be done effectively. Have a goal. For example, if you have not mastered your online business yet, you’re not ready to have a physical store. If you haven’t mastered your Facebook channel, it’s risky to open other channels.

Confidence and Consistency: Make sure that the prices of your products are correct on your online store and on all channels especially during a campaign. Ensure the same discounts everywhere. If the promotion is being held in an exclusive channel, for increasing the audience of the channel, for example, make sure that this information is quite clear, indicating that the discount is only valid for that specific channel.

Inventory, Logistics and Payment: Many customers use the internet to research the product before going to a physical store, others visit a store to have contact with the product and then perform the purchase by smartphone or tablet. Imagine if your customer finds your product on the online store but can’t find it in the physical one , or vice versa. You must be prepared for both cases.

Offer pickup and delivery options to your customers: They will be happy to know that they can pay online and take the product at a physical location, or receive it on the same day.

It doesn’t matter which channel the customer is using, you have to provide him the same payment options. Do not limit them.

Create a relationship: A very important feature in omnichannel is the possibility of creating a personal relationship. In this case, small businesses can take a very good advantage of it. They tend to deal with a smaller audience. Use all possible data to create sales campaigns and customized experiences.

You can only provide a customized experience if you know your customers. Use social networks to know your customers better. Let them decide how often they want to receive your newsletter for example.

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