How to innovate in an increasingly connected world

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Many people believe creating a product or innovating, is a mysterious or magical thing. I receive many people from different countries here in San Francisco trying to understand why Silicon Valley is one of the most innovative places in the world, and how they can discover and create “the next big thing,” but there is no mystery. Everyone can create an innovative product. Innovation is a process that everyone can execute.

My goal here is not to explore the innovation process; you can read more about the innovation process in this article. My goal here is to explain how in our search for “the next big thing,” might we draw knowledge and wisdom from our technological past and innovation insights from real cases. I believe that we can benefit from understanding that what comes next digitally demands an engagement with history.

A couple of weeks ago, I gave a talk to a delegation of Brazilian executives and entrepreneurs from Startse at The Vault SF. I spoke to them about the importance of understanding how we got to where we are, technologically, and how historical sources can provide insights into understanding the product development today, and anticipate the next phases of our digital future.

You can download the presentation here. I hope you enjoy it and feel free to ask me anything about you wondered.

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