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3 Habits of Likable Product Managers

PIN Habits of Likable leaders - rafael ferraz - product management-@rzarref
Being likable, winning supporters, and building better products is an ability that you can learn. Product management is one of the most contradicting of all professions. Product Managers need to be product experts and an important thing: every day, we need to be aware that we know nothing and learning everything again. We must be[…]

Where the Internet of Things and retail meet

PIN Where the Internet of Things and retail meet @rzarref Rafael Ferraz
It is no surprise that new machine learning technologies and the power to analyze large amounts of data have created unique opportunities in the e-commerce industry. Thanks to data-driven enhancements for ads, upselling, and cross-selling, online shoppers are able to get “what they want, when they want”. Such transformation had a direct impact on business[…]

The importance of collecting information about your competitor

PIN Market Research @rzarref Rafael Ferraz
Tracking competitors are something that every company should do. For online companies, it is a critical success factor. In addition to helping you to understand your market better, competitors analysis can assist you in generating ideas for marketing campaigns and marketing strategies. That allows you to make your business different from others. If you agree[…]