The importance of collecting information about your competitor

PIN Market Research @rzarref Rafael Ferraz

Tracking competitors are something that every company should do. For online companies, it is a critical success factor. In addition to helping you to understand your market better, competitors analysis can assist you in generating ideas for marketing campaigns and marketing strategies. That allows you to make your business different from others.

If you agree with that or are already doing it, here are some essential tips:

1. Monitoring the SEO actions of your competitors to find their backlinks and which sites are linked to them

2. Monitoring the competitors on social networks. This analysis can generate valuable insights about the followers and your competitors’ content strategy.

3. Using your competitors’ systems, understanding their processes and evaluating the user experience. Compare and analyze that experience with your website or network. Use this information to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses.

4. Be aware of your competitors’ marketing and sales actions. Use this information to evaluate your campaigns or use it as an inspiration to improve your efforts.

You must never forget to develop researches with your customers and the competitors’.

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