What do you do when your e-commerce is not doing well?

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Sometimes in life things can go wrong. That also happens in small and medium businesses. It’s a truth: every company has a problem! In Brazil 60% of small companies get closed in the first year, in U.S. 7 out of 10 new small businesses survive at least two years.

These are some real problems we have in online retail: Miscalculated shipping; Expenses for defective or damaged returned products; Expenses for customers claiming and errors in automation processes.

You must have in mind five steps in these cases:

1. Breathe. Seriously! Just stop and breathe
2. Analyze and determine what went wrong.
3. Take charge.
4. Set up a plan and define KPI’s.
5. Finally, take action. The plan has to be executed.

It seems obvious but believes me; these steps can save your business.

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